It takes time to grow
a great Christmas tree.

How long does it take to grow a real tree?
We grow all of our own trees from seed.  It can take up to 4 years on our propagation farm to grow a seedling that is ready to plant out in the field.  It takes and additional 8-12 years to mature into a tree that is ready to be part of your family’s celebration.

How do you know when the tree is ready to harvest?
Every summer our trees are pruned to ensure a good, full shape.  When they reach six foot and greater, a grader will hang a Kriss Kringle tag on the tree if they feel the tree is of good height, quality and shape.  Once the tree is tagged and pruned it is ready to be harvested.  For every tree harvested there are ten more growing in order to ensure the supply is ongoing.

How long have we been celebrating Christmas with a real tree?
Christmas tree origins date back to as early as the 1500’s.  The first celebration with a real tree took place in Riga, Vatvia. It was placed in the town’s marketplace and decorated with paper flowers by the local merchant’s guild. Christmas trees were used in the 1600’s in plays teaching the story of creation.  The tree was decorated with apples to represent the tree in the Garden of Eden. The Germans use of a real tree was widespread by the 1700’s, and  was decorated with nuts and cookies  In the 1800’s Germans immigrated to North America and brought their traditions of a real tree with them.